Plan, or Plan to be Spontaneous: Taking a Packaged Tour Deal, or Going it Alone

You’ve decided where you want to go, and how you plan to finance your travel venture. The next decision you make is vital: Take a package tour deal, or invent your own itinerary. Two things to think about when making this decision are your own personality, and the cost of each option.

First, consider who you are as an individual. What makes you comfortable when traveling, or in other aspects of your life.

Category A:
1). You like to be on time, and you are never late.
2). Structure and schedules enable you to make the most out of the situations in which
you are placed.
3). You prefer to know your plans ahead of time, and not knowing makes you anxious.
4). You like things in order.
5). Knowing what happens next keeps you from worrying about trying to plan.

Category B:
1). Being on time is not a goal for you.
2). Schedules make you nervous and feel trapped.
3). You would rather be spontaneous.
4). You like the excitement of not knowing what you are doing next.
5). You like the freedom of not having a plan.

If you fit into category A, you are more likely to prefer a tour with a pre-planned itinerary. You are someone who wants to see and experience all that is possible during your trip.

If category B sounds more like you, you would be better planning your trip as you go along. You are more likely to want to relax as opposed to tie up every minute you have on your trip. Group tours might make you feel like you are being herded like cattle. Don’t be too spontaneous though, you will need to plan the basics such as a budget, where to stay, and a general timeline before you go, just so that you don’t end up room-less when you arrive.

Of course there is more than your personality to consider when you are determining the best way for you to travel. Expense is also a key part to making this decision. Compare and contrast which options give you the most opportunities for your dollar. Depending on what you want out of your travels, the group tour may be less expensive. Planning your own trip may also prove to be cheaper, again, depending on what all you expect.
Websites also offer vacation packages as well as ways to calculate the price of planning your own trip.