Where To Go

Deciding Where to Take Your Travel Opportunities

Study Abroad Programs
Studying abroad is a great way to travel and experience the world while also helping you complete your college degree. Taking this route also allows you to potentially finance your travels through student aid and scholarships.

The first place to investigate is the college or university you attend. Most schools offer study abroad programs, and will help you find a program that fits your desires should the school not have what you are looking for.

On the Web
If you are more interested in surfing the internet for a program, there are two great websites to which you can go to find a program that suits you.

The American Council for International Studies: Part of the AIFS, the American Institute of Foreign Studies, ACIS offers educational tours and packages for the student traveler, specifically high school students. The organization also offers scholarships and fundraising tips.

The National Education Travel Council: NETC also offers educational tours for middle and high school students, as well as adult programs. They also offer fundraising tips, as well as ideas for what to pack and how to prepare for your trip.

Keeping the Credit You’ve Earned
When you are looking for a study abroad program, it is imperative to see how the courses you take will translate into your current curriculum. Make sure you have OK’d the programs with Academic Affairs, and the chair of your department. Also, be sure that the Registrar’s office understands your plans and gives you the credits you have been authorized to receive.

We Don’t Need No Education
The above sites are great for educational trips, but there are more reasons than one to travel. While placing yourself in an academic environment is great, there are many other learning experiences that you will find outside the classroom. Many students take the backpacking-through-Europe route instead of studying abroad. On the one hand, you will not get credit for taking classes, but you will also be open to different options such as youth hostels.

If you plan on going to Europe without a school group or tour, take a friend. You will not get lonely, and there is safety in numbers.